It is very hard to gain lean muscle mass without gaining some fat in the process! but fat gain can be minimised and increased muscle will be gained over time by following these tips:

1. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF CARBOHYDRATES!! I’ve heard it all from: Carbs are the devil to no- carb diet to just never eat them! THIS IS RUBBISH!!!!!!!!! Your body needs carbs to build muscle and it needs it for energy! it is how you manipulate your carb intake that will make the difference. I will post an article up later on carbohydrates and manipulating them into a diet to max your results.

2. To build muscle, you must try stay anabolic. When you train, you will burn muscle, to prevent this you have to make sure your muscles are replenished and fuelled with the necessary protein they need to not catabolise! ( ie: breakdown and be used as energy).

When you wake up: Because your body has just woken up, it is in a state of ” catabolism”, therefore you must not only have carbs but make sure you get in some protein too. This can be anything from eggs to a protein shake. If you are bored with what you eat, look up good protein sources. Or look at my article to be posted on High Protein Foods!

Pre-workout meals: These should be in the form of a snack in order to give you sufficient energy to be able to battle through a workout. An example could be 2 oz oat meal and a banana or a brown rice cake with orgainic peanut butter. You can also eat carb dense fruits such as apples and berries.

Post workout: This is probably the most and extremely important! Make sure you have your Whey and some more carbs. If there is ever a good time to eat carbs it is before and after your workout, yourbody is literally crying for nutrients and to be replenished so do NOT ignore this or you will not build any muscle at all. I also suggest a BCCA/EAA or glutamine supp before and after training. I will post an article on Training supps later on! as not all supps are for everyone and not everyone handles supps as well as someone else either.

3. CLEAN EATING: Keep cheats to a max 2 times a week and make sure they are meals and NOT CHEAT DAYS! I will be posting an article on the importance of incorporating a cheat meal in a clean diet.

4.TRAINING: Stay focused and stick to a consistent workout for atleast a month and write down all the improvements and lack of improvements you see. You cant expect to see bigger quads if you do a different routine every week. Stay consistent and mix it up only when you are not reaching a goal in time or are frustrated with your results. You need to check that all areas are up to scratch. Getting fit is a big engine and everything works together to bring you a certain result.

5. CARDIO? cardio is important unless you already shredded as a beast and are wanting to “bulk up” ( I will post a article on cutting and bulking up ) you should not cut out cardio. Cardio is essential in fat burning combined with an effective weight training programme. 3 x a week for 30 min is reasonable.

6. DO NOT EAT PROCESSED FOOD. It is essential to eat real, wholesome food. Think ” Hunter Gatherer”. If it does not have a mom or come from the soil your chances are is that its not really good for you! Your body needs nutrients nutrients the old fashioned way just like the cave mean. Fresh meats grilled, lightly pan fried in olive oil, nuts, legumes, fresh ( instead of canned) veggies, and other whole, fresh foods. Processed meat, polonies, salami’s, cheeses, canned and tinned, packaged with added colours and flavours is a no no. The rule of thumb is: the less on the lable, the better!

7. Learn to read food labels. I will post an article up on how to successfully read food lables when you purchase food items and how to be able to differentiate between what is good and what is bad later on. For now remember that whatever is on top is what is mostly in that product. Buy sugar free, low sodium products with low/ fat free content but also be sure to not be fooled by ” sufar free brands” and then buy asulfame, Aspartame an artificial sweeetned products as they can be carcinogenic and again they are anything from NATURAL! buyt natural sweetners such as fructose ( fruit sugar), Xylotol and Stevia. Other examples of LOw GI sugars are Agave syrup . I will post an article up on Low GI foods and Sugar/ salt intake.

8. GET YOUR SLEEP: in order to build muscle you need atleast 8 hours of sleep per night, anything less and you are aiding in the catabolic process. When you train- you break a mucsle down and when you eat you replenish it and when you sleep… you BUILD IT!

9.Make sure you are eating your good fats: nuts, oils,fatty fish and Omega 3’s.

10. Eat your veggies kid: You need to eat high water foods, vegetables are high water foods. Vegetables are also alkaline which neutralise acidity in the body.

11. WATER! drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water a day.

12. PATIENCE!!!! some of the greatest physiques took YEARS to look the way they do. You’re not going to gain muscle in a month or two, it takes 1 month for you to see a tiny improvement and up to 3 months to see a lot more improvement and up to a year to see drastic changes… so stop whining and lift.

13. Do not over train. If you over train a muscle group it will not grow. Give that sore muscle atleast 48 hours before you train it again.


13. Listen to your body: If you sick, rest. If you tired, rest. If you lazy… get your ass to the gym.

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