Some healthy foods to help build muscle


I don’t know about you but chicken makes me sick. Too much of it and I just want to hurl! but lucky for you there are many other high protein/ good muscle building food sources available! So do not be boring. Break some rules, be creative and mix things up! Here are my top foods to rev your metabolism and build quality, lean muscle fast! select and copy for your next grocery trip!

1. Soya Milk. ( Low in Carbs, Lactose free and works for me)

2. Low fat Ostrich Biltong ( for my non domestic folllowers- thats “beef” jerkey, something similar… but better)

3. Nuts and seeds. My fav is almonds, but you choose yours! Keep them limited though, as they are also high in fat.

4. Fat free Bulgarian/ Greek Yogurt

5.Dairy Belle Cottage Cheese ( def my fav brand, chunky or smooth are both good), slap it on some brown rice cakes and you have a perfect snack! Cottage cheese naturally has cassein in it, which is a slow releasing protein, great for feeding your muscles for hours after a workout!

6.Spinach. ( I think I am Olive cuz I like me, me spinach!)

7.Brown Rice. ( a complex carbohydrate for sustained release of energy, a great carb source to build muscle)

8. Apples and Berries ( Low GI and in sugar), throw them in some oatmeal and/yogurt and sweeten with stevia.

9. Oats

10. Sweet Potatoes

Those are just some of my favorite foods. They help keep me lean and mean.


Build your own list of healthy favorites and e mail them to for comments 🙂


2 thoughts on “Some healthy foods to help build muscle

    • angiesteyn

      Pleasure! Almonds are amazing, just make sure they are raw though. Too much salt is not good for you. It can cause bloating as it is a water retainer 🙂 You can also try almond milk, but its really expensive! if you are creative you can make it at home!

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