Early morning training


Every morning I dread my alarm going off at 5am.. I’m usually feeling really tired and all I want to do is roll over and carry on sleeping. However from somewhere, I gather the strength, the courage and the determination to get out if that bed and make my dreams come true. It’s hard.. But nothing worthwhile comes easy. I get to the gym early because it makes me feel strong, it makes me avoid congestion in the evening and it gives me a sense of self improvement. Of all things that are so uncontrollable in life, this is controllable. I shape me. I don’t do it for applause. I do it because I want to feel like I have achieved something great for myself. I’m inspiring someone to be better, I am inspiring someone to believe in themselves. Do I think that I am the sh!t and that I am the greatest thing whey protein? no. I believe that I am great in a way that I have been given the power and talent to be the best version of myself. I do not have a big head, however I am confident in who I am and I want the best in my life and want others to feel the same way. Do I always feel confident? no. I have days where I feel lost and down like everyone else, but I get back up and keep pushing forward, because life is hard but we have been given the ability to power through anything and we are called to serve and help others as much as possible. However before we can help anyone we also got to make sure we are in the right frame of mind and mindset. Our glass needs to be full so we can pour into the cup of others. When I get home at night, I feel happy because I know that today I tried my best, today I brought myself one step closer to achieving my goals and today I helped someone do the same.

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