Aesthetic interval treadmill workout 1

This might be more of an intermediate to hard work out, it does take it out of you. The session will last about 25 – 30 minutes but no more! This intense interval workout has been worked out by me and is to be used on a treadmill.

Please note that you will have to change up the incline and speed quite a bit throughout the duration.

My advice is for you to keep focused on your heart rate and on changing the intensity throughout.

To work out your maximum heart rate take 120 minus your age.

You should be training at a threshold of about 10 to 20 % less than this to burn fat at a maximum.

Please see a physician before trying intense training programs.


2 minutes warmup walk on 10% incline 4,5 mph.

1 minute lunges on 10 % incline 4 mph.

30 seconds rest.

30 seconds lunges on 15% incline 4 mph.

30 seconds rest.

1 minute side to side shuffle 5% incline 5,5 mph.

1 minute rest.

30 seconds alternate leg lift. 10 seconds rest 5 mph.

30 second walk on 5 mph.

Repeat cycle for 15 minutes.

For remaining 10 minutes alternate between the following:

A. 30 second jog 8,5 mph

B. 30 second spring 12-14mph

C. 30 second walk 5,5.

Repeat A B C again

D. 30 second jog 8,5 mph on 5% incline

E. walk 30 seconds on zero incline at 5,5 mph

F. Sprint 1 minute 12-14mph

Repeat D E F

Repeat A to F.


If you try it please comment and tell me how it was for you! – angieaesthetic

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