How to Build a better butt!

The question is what are you trying to achieve? If you are trying to slim down a bit, go for higher reps and medium weight. If you are trying to get a little muscle on the booty, lower reps and higher weight is key.



Booty Blaster Workout

4×15 (each leg) diagonal lunges
4×15 (each leg) weighted bench step-ups
4×15 leg curls
4×15 jump squats
4×15 (each leg) cable kickbacks
4×15 deadlifts
4×15 weighted sumo squats
*Rest 30 seconds after each set…also make sure weight is challenging but you can maintain correct form

You can also add in a little cardio after the workout! My favorite cardio machines for the glutes is the stepping machine. Focus on proper form while performing your weight-training session and cardio. It makes ALL the difference when your form is correct. Add in booty training to your weekly regimen, and before you know it you will have the glutes you have always wanted.

Weights, cardio and proper nutrition are KEY to a fabulous behind! Make sure you are incorporating all three for the best results. Don’t give up when you aren’t seeing results overnight. ”

To build a perfect bum you cannot cut out your carbs! carbs build bums, but the right carbs and the right amount.

Contact me for an eating plan or a training session.


Credit Skye Taylor


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