Foods that you think are healthy but are secretly making you a FATTY



Have questions about foods you eat that you are unsure are healthy or not? Ask away in the comments box below!

Some foods have what’s known as a health halo—they seem like smart choices, but in reality, they’re not. I call them food fakers! Here are a few of my favorite examples.


While granola is made up of healthy ingredients, it’s generally calorie dense, meaning a small amount has a lot of calories. And while it’s fine in small servings, people frequently consume granola like standard cereal or snack on it by the handful, which can get calorie costly.


Restaurant Salads/ The Work Deli Options

I know what you’re thinking. How can a lettuce-based meal be a bad choice? The problem isn’t the greens, it’s all the stuff that gets added in order to make the salad more appealing.

Common culprits? Breaded and fried chicken, candied nuts, full-fat cheese (and lots of it!), fried noodles or tortilla strips, and way too much fatty dressing.

As for the DELI, but you say its so healthy, so many salad options. Again, if you’re filling up your salad bowl with a ton of cheese, cranberries, a million nuts, butternut and olive oil for days, well truth be told, you might as well eat a SANDWICH!


Many people think of wraps as lighter alternatives to traditional sandwiches, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While tortillas are thin, they’re generally massive. Unroll a wrap and you’re likely to find a tortilla the size of your steering wheel! That alone easily can contain 300+ calories. Plus, those tortillas can hold far more food than a couple of bread slices, which means even more calories!

If you’re on the go, opt for a sandwich on thin slices of whole-wheat bread or ask for it to be wrapped in lettuce. Or you can now get Low Carb wraps at an extra cost ( Pays to be healthy ?)

Sugar-Free/Fat-Free Desserts

It’s easy to assume that anything sugar-free or fat-free is automatically diet friendly. But these foods are often loaded with calories, despite being low in sugar or fat.

Sugar-free sweets tend to be high in fat and nonfat desserts frequently include high amounts of sugar. If you’re out and about and craving dessert, go for fresh berries with a squirt of whipped cream or have a small scoop of sorbet. And at the supermarket, always check nutritional labels to get the full story.

Bran Muffins

Bran muffins are usually not diet friendly. No matter what you were told years ago and no matter how much fiber they contain, bran muffins are typically not a diet-friendly breakfast choice.

Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, oil… do any of these ingredients sound light to you? An average bran muffin packs in around 450 calories and 14g fat! Even muffins marked low-fat are often loaded with way too many sugary calories.

If you’re out for breakfast, you’re much better off with an egg-white scramble. At a brunch meeting? Grab a piece of fruit. And if you want to make muffins at home, use better-for-you substitutes like light whipped butter or light buttery spread, fat-free liquid egg substitute or egg whites, and no-sugar.


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